Gabriel Garrick

Trumpet & Flugelhorn

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The Gabriel Garrick Big Band Showreel Part 1


The Gabriel Garrick Big Band Showreel Part 2


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"It's ALL about the Music" - as Tony Kofi once said to me. 'Correct', I thought. It is. Whatever style or genre; 'it' is all about the music... Within all music that touches and moves people in deep and mysterious ways there is no room for overpowering individual egos. There never has been. The music is the master. So I strive to surrender to and serve the music. 

Welcome to my website.  

- Gabriel Garrick


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The album by Gabriel's

'Original Quintet':


Is Available HERE

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The album by Gabriel's

'Standards Septet':

"Song For My Father"

Is Available HERE

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           Gabriel Garrick     -     Trumpet and Flugel.                                                           

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